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Detroit Free Press: Checkers & Rally's Offers Franchisees New Prototype
Brand's head of Detroit development dishes on the new design.

Checkers & Rally's has introduced an updated design, with a build-out option based around environmentally friendly former shipping containers. 

According to the Detroit Free Press, the brand's Model 4.0 will not only be great for the environment but also great for development timeline and cost for franchisees.

"We are repurposing shipping containers, those ribbed, rectangular things you see on ships and trailers," Checkers & Rally's Director of Franchise Development Bruce Kim told the Detroit Free Press. "When they are finished with their useful life, we'll take them and turn them into a building."

Michigan has the potential to be one of the first states to receive Checkers & Rally's locations with this design, and current local franchisees are considering the model for their future locations.

"I've looked at it," Checkers & Rally's Franchisee Paul Amell told the Detroit Free Press. "This could be a big wave of the future."

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