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Las Vegas Business Press: Checkers Franchisee Rises Through The Ranks
The Checkers franchisee worked his way up through the company.
Nick Nasrollahi, owner and operator of five and soon-to-be seven Checkers locations in the Las Vegas Valley, didn’t journey to the United States to enter the fast-food industry, it just happened. While pursuing a degree in computer science, Nasrollahi needed a night job to save some money. He got a job in fast food and has never left.
Checkers management viewed Nasrollahi as an employee with a lot of potential. After receiving numerous promotions, Nasrollahi decided to switch his emphasis in school and focused on business management because he seemed to have a knack for it. It paid off.
Today, Nasrollahi is focused on making sure his stores are able to give back to their communities.
"You want to be able to do business, but at the same time offer opportunities to people," Nasrollahi told the Las Vegas Business Press. "We have assistants that are getting promoted to manager. We have students that are being promoted."
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