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QSR Magazine: Checkers & Rally's Recruiting Tactics Encourage Franchise Growth
The brand's recruitment methods are one of the reasons their franchises have doubled.
In the franchise world, Discovery Day is the ultimate date where both sides decide if they’re ready to take the next step. For franchisors, creating a memorable and informative experience – while being true to the brand and its culture – is crucial to growing with not only more franchisees than competitors in the space, but more highly qualified operators and better future brand ambassadors.
QSR took a look at some of the most successful brands at recruiting franchisees in their December issue, including Tampa-based Checkers and Rally’s, who likes to look at their franchise system much like a family tree.
“It’s my favorite day…and probably the most important day in our relationship,” Rick Silva, CEO of Checkers & Rally's Restaurants, Inc., told QSR Magazine. “It sets the tone for our relationship.”
In line with the focus on the brand as a family, Checkers and Rally’s holds a monthly Discovery Day where multiple franchise prospects meet to share dinner together and then learn about the brand and opportunity. The team also emphasizes the franchisor/franchisee relationship through presenting the corporate team as a friendly support system for incoming zees.
“And once they become a franchisee,” Silva added to QSR, “the real exciting work begins.”
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