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QSR: How Checkers & Rally’s Leverages a Small Footprint
Checkers & Rally’s 4.0 features three new building designs that all take advantage of small spaces.

Good real estate is hard to find, so for many growing franchise brands - finding creative ways to make the most out of a smaller footprint is key in a competitive market. In the December issue of QSR, they examined how some expanding restaurant brands like Tampa-based Checkers & Rally's Restaurants, Inc. are making the most out of their spaces to maximize efficiency and increase sales for franchisees. The brand, with more than 800 locations, launched "Checkers and Rally's 4.0" earlier this year, featuring three new building designs that all take advantage of the outdoors. The designs take advantage of smaller spaces, leading to increased efficiency for franchisees, and utilize a walk-in cooler/freezer that can be added easily during construction.

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