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The San Diego Union-Tribune: Checkers & Rally’s Prepares to Bring More Burger Joints to San Diego County
Checkers & Rally’s is planning on adding 20 area locations to their existing five.

Burgers and fries fans in San Diego rejoice! Checkers & Rally's is planning big expansion, with the hopes of adding 20 area locations to their existing five.

One of these is already under construction with an opening date early next year. With the brand targeting communities with a demand for affordable eats, the market is ripe for expansion.

“Rally’s is a unique concept that caters to people without a lot of disposable income,” he said. “If you have $5 in your pocket, we like to say you can come to Rally’s and get a full meal. And we fit the bill of where people can afford to come to us more than just once a week or once a month.”

Local franchisee Bruce Ong believes the brand's recent improvements and room for growth in San Diego make this the perfect area for expansion. 

“We have this guest measure and we can see traffic counts, and we have always been on the incline since 2001 in traffic counts and sales,” said Ong to the reporter.

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