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83 Degrees: Checkers & Rally’s Unveils New Look in Tampa, Florida
Franchisee Shaji Joseph plans to open the first updated modular Checkers in Tampa.

Checkers pioneer Shaji Joseph is soon set to open the brand's first Tampa-area modular build restaurant early next year, debuting their new Model 4.0 in the company's home market.

After beginning as a manager with Checkers 19 years ago, Joseph now owns eight units, with five more in development.

“I am so proud and happy to cherish what this great nation has offered me and my family,” the 46-year-old entrepreneur Shaji Joseph says to 83 Degrees. “[I] will forever be in debt to this great organization [Checkers] that believed in me and gave me such an awesome avenue.” 

The new design saves franchisees money, boost restaurant profitability and significantly cuts down on development time, but still incorporates the company's brand identity.

In addition, the Tampa-based brand is offering an innovative design which utilizes old shipping containers as a structural base for the restaurant. For their established design, the concept makes sense and the team hopes to roll these units out, like the modular build, once logistics come together.

“To me, it was worth exploring. Given the size of our restaurant, its seemed like there was a natural fit,” SVP, CDO Jennifer Durham told the publication.

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