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The Business Journal: Rally’s Looks to Reenter Mahoning Valley Market
Tampa-based Checkers & Rally’s Restaurants Inc., envisions opening eight stores over the next three to four years in the Youngstown metropolitan area.

Rally's is targeting Mahoning Valley for development in 2017. The brand previously had a presence in the market, and based on their recent success, aims to open as many as eight stores within the next four years.

“There were some closures in the past,” said Director of Franchise Development Bruce Kim to The Business Journal. “Right now we’re on the upswing.”

Rally's is currently working with local business owners in the market to expand within Akron, Canton and Youngstown, utilizing Checkers & Rally's new 4.0 Model. The new program helps streamline development while improving cost-effectiveness and offers three prototypes, including a model that uses recycled shipping containers.

“Not every community will allow a modular building or a repurposed shipping container,” Kim said to reporter George Nelson. “Sometimes the franchisee may not want that.”

These new units can cost as little as $100,000, promoting rapid expansion for Checkers & Rally's current 838 nationwide locations.

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