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The Houston Chronicle: Checkers & Rally’s Announces Aggressive Houston Expansion
Checkers & Rally’s hopes to have a total of 30 restaurants in the Houston area by the end of 2017.

Houston locals who have had an appetite for a value burger are about to be served more than their fair share.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Checkers & Rally's has upwards of two dozen locations slated to open in 2017, with a handful constructed in the brand's new Model 4.0. Checkers & Rally's, known for its great food at an exceptional value, first entered the market in 2015 and has left locals hungry for more. 

"A lot of people know our brand in Houston," Checkers & Rally's Director of Franchise Development, Bruce Kim told the Houston Chronicle. "Also, the Houston market is a great burger market but I think the one thing missing is a great value burger."

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